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Do you think that Packshare is worth supporting?

Packshare is free to use because we want everyone to use it, and we think it's too important to charge for. However, if you'd like to support what we do, please consider donating £1 or £2 a month, or making a one-off donation to help us keep Packshare running.

Do you want us to convince you?

Packshare represents a new way of doing business. Instead of focussing on what individual businesses can do to cut costs or reduce their impact, Packshare encourages small businesses to work together and with their local communities to reframe the way that we all think about waste.

We believe that every small business can benefit from using Packshare, and we want every business in the UK to register. Our dream is for each business who signs up to donate a small amount per month to help us keep the site running, promote Packshare, and eventually to fund further eco projects.

These are the benefits to your business:

  1. You can source free packaging from your local community, cutting your costs and reducing your impact on the environment.
  2. You can find other businesses to use your waste packaging, reducing the amount you need to pay to have taken away.
  3. Local people will find you on Packshare and physically bring you packaging. This gives you an unprecedented opportunity to build relationships with potential customers and people in your local community.
  4. You can use Packshare to discover and connect with other eco-minded businesses in your community. As well as being good for your social circles and state of mind, using Packshare makes you an obvious choice for future eco-projects in your local area.
  5. Using Packshare tells people that your business supports sustainable practises and works to reduce its impact on the environment. Consumers are becoming increasingly discerning of businesses' eco-credentials, and increasingly critical of poor practise and just-for-show 'greenwashing'. Packshare is a simple, effective, and visible way of making your business a little bit more sustainable.
  6. Packshare helps to embed your business in your community. By setting yourself up as a hub to receive packaging you are telling people that you care about your community by working to reduce waste in your area. And by giving local people an opportunity to do something better with their waste, you are giving something valuable back to your community.
  7. As our world goes increasingly online, Packshare promotes important offline interactions. Everybody worries about the impact that the internet is having on our communities, and that big business is having on our towns and cities. Packshare encourages people to get out of their houses, visit their local high streets, and chat with local business owners.

As you can see, we think Packshare is about more than just packaging. But it all starts with you creating a profile, letting us know what packaging you can use, and telling everyone else that you're using it.

We believe that the benefits to your business are easily worth £1 or £2 a month, and your monthly donations mean that we can continue improving Packshare, promoting it to new businesses, and increasing its impact across the UK.

But we also know that not everyone can afford it, and not everyone wants to donate to a service that they can get for free.

If you can't or don't want to donate, please consider joining our mailing list, following us on social media, sharing a post on Twitter or Facebook, or simply telling someone else about Packshare. We honestly appreciate it all.